Sole Mates WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp as Sole Mates Communication Platform
WhatsApp is used extensively by Sole Mates and is central to our process to ensure Hiker Security. We expect all participants to participate in our WhatsApp Groups.

Not using WhatsApp? Recently some members have made a personal decision to close their WhatsApp accounts. Those who opt out of WhatsApp communication will also be opting out of Sole Mates communication. They will need to actively inform themselves about information posted on Meetup.
Sole Mates is not responsible for any last minute changes that those members are not privy to because they were not on the WhatsApp Group. Soles Mates is also not responsible for their safety on the trail as our means to communicate has been denied.
WhatsApp is still by far the most common platform for communication. Use of any additional platform would create undesired additional work for the volunteer organisers and hosts.

ACTIVE Sole Mates Hiking Group
The group is an extension of the General group. It is made up of all Meetup members in good standing that have joined us on at least 12 hikes. Members of the ACTIVE group are notified when the registration for some of the more elite complex hikes opens.

Sole Mates Hiking Group
The group is an extension of the Meetup group and is the avenue of communication for Sole Mates Members in Good Standing. Continued active participation on the hikes is the main criteria for inclusion in this group.
Purpose of the Group
Planning – The main focus of the group is to plan future hikes and discuss possible venues. Please share any ideas of new hiking venues you might have so that they can be added to our list of venues for future consideration.
Not an Alternate Source of Information – The group is not for idle chatter and conversations that are not in line with the purpose. Such discussions are quickly policed. Registration for and information about scheduled hikes e.g. Dates, Location, Meeting Times, Costs, Registration Requirements, Accommodations, etc. is provided on the Meetup page for each hike. The WhatsApp group is not a substitute source for that information.

Hike Specific Groups
Each hike will have a specific WhatsApp group created. Only participants registered on Meetup will be added to the group.
For Pre-Paid Hikes, participants will be added to the group as soon as they have registered but will be removed if their payment is not confirmed within 24 hours.
For Non-Pre-Paid Hikes, participants will be added shortly before the registration deadline.
Purpose of the Group
Directions – More precise information about the venue location will be shared on the group.
Car Pooling – Members on the group are free to use the platform to find carpooling possibilities. Once you have found your car mates however, we ask that the details be taken off line in personal conversations outside the group.
Meals – We often will organise a picnic, braai, brunch, etc. The details of after-hike activities will be discussed in more detail in the group.
Pictures – Feel free to share any pics you took on the trail with your fellow hikers. Please note that we do take a selection of all pictures shared on the group and post them on the Sole Mates Meetup and Facebook pages. We do filter through the pics and make sure that all pics are tasteful.

Sole Mates reserves the right to adjust the above at any time as it deems necessary.