Sole Mates Terms and Conditions

When you register for a Sole Mates event, you signify that you agree to the Sole Mates Terms and Conditions.

All participants agree to provide their contact details and be included in the WhatsApp group specific to the hike they have registered for.

  • Hikers without sufficient water will not be allowed to hike with the group. Dehydration is a serious issue on the hike and those effected place an unwelcome burden on other hikers.
  • All hikers participating in Sole Mates activities do so at their own risk.
  • Each participant is responsible for their own safety and the security of their belongings.
  • All participants must meet the fitness requirements as stated in the Meetup post.
  • Sole Mates that bring guests are responsible for those guests and to ensure they have the required fitness level, their own water, snacks, and equipment and they are expected to hike together.
  • Sole Mates Hiking Group is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by venues or websites where venue information is collected.
  • Sole Mates reserves the right to restrict participation in the Sole Mates Hiking Group’s activities and communication platforms. Disruptive, rude or disrespective behaviour causing conflict or discomfort within the organisers or membership will result in removal from the group. 

Sole Mates reserves the right to adjust the above policies at any time as it deems necessary.