Sole Mates Refund Policy

Sole Mates has a No Refunds Policy However…
Should you pay and later not be able to make it, the amount paid will be added as a credit for future hikes as long as:
1) The cancellation is made at least four (4) days before the hike e.g. for a Sunday Hike, cancellation must be on or before Wednesday
2) The venue has not already been paid or if it has been paid, a replacement can be found to fill your paid spot.

If the two (2) criteria above are met, no credit will be possible.

Credits will be tracked and maintained for Members in Good Standing only. If a hiker’s status becomes dormant because they have not joined a hike in the past 4 months, any credits outstanding to the member will be absorbed into the general Admin Fund if under R500. Amounts over R500 will be refunded to the member.

Any exceptions to the above policy must be approved by the Directors.
The Annual Membership Fee is non-refundable without exception.

Please Note
Sole Mates is a Non-Profit Company and the goal is not to make money on the hikes but to provide amazing adventures to as many interested people as possible. Our policies are designed to 1) encourage people to only sign up if they are serious about joining and 2) reduce the amount of admin work for our volunteer organisers.
If you have paid for a hike and cannot make it, the normal rules concerning Late Cancellations and No Shows still apply. Late Cancellations – No Shows – Priority

Sole Mates reserves the right to adjust the above at any time as it deems necessary.