Sole Mates Membership Types and Roles

Membership Types
Meetup Members – Members on Meetup only that have never attended a hike.


  • Meetup Sole Mates Member
  • Has attended at least 1 hike

    Member in Good Standing

    • Meetup Sole Mates Member
    • Has hiked at least twice with us overall
    • Has hiked at least once in the past 4 months
    • Has paid their annual membership fee
    • Is not blacklisted because of No Shows or excessive Late Cancellations

    Active Member – Member in Good Standing that has hiked 12 or more times with us. Active Members enjoy benefits including priority advancement from Waiting List on the hike registration deadline date.
    Active Members are broken down into four categories:

    • Yellow Member – 12+ Hikes
    • Green Member – 16+ Hikes
    • Red Member – 52+ Hikes
    • Blue Member – 100+ Hikes

    Advisory Council – Members automatically qualify to be an Advisory Council Member if they fulfil the following criteria:

    • They have been a Meetup Member without interruption for 12+ months
    • They are an Active Member
    • They have hiked 52+ Hikes in the past 24 months

    Membership Roles
    Organiser – Organises, posts and Manages all activities leading up to a hike.
    Host – Manages the hike on-site and ensures all registrations are provided to the Organiser
    Group Leader – Active Members that are familiar with the trail and provide guidance and leadership for hiking sub-groups e.g. Rabbits and Tortoises.
    Banking – Manages all Banking and Loan Account transactions.
    Membership – Manages Hiker Registrations and general membership communication.

    Sole Mates reserves the right to adjust the above at any time as it deems necessary.