We are a diverse and inclusive group of hiking enthusiasts. Join us and have an amazing time discovering what’s on our doorstep.

Welcome to Sole Mates Hiking Group

We offer a wide variety of hiking opportunities made possible by a dedicated group of volunteers. Sole Mates is a Non-Profit Company and we pride ourselves on being well organised.

Whether joining us for a local city hike, a hike in the suburbs here in Gauteng or an overnight hike in a neighbouring province, you will be sure to be impressed with the efficiency, quality and affordable options our volunteer directors put together for you.

We have achieved a level of organisation and efficiency through policies and structure which we stick to strictly not only to make things run efficiently but also to reduce the work-load for our volunteer organisers. We ask that you become familiar with our Terms & Conditions, Policies, Processes and General Information below and help us keep Sole Mates stream-lined.

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